Junior Course

Beginner to grade 2+

For information on the ABRSM grading system please click below

5 days: Wednesday 21st - Sunday 25th July

The emphasis on the Junior Course is that cello playing is FUN. We dedicate staff members specifically to this course in order that they build special rapport with the children. These teachers work on all areas of musicianship and cello playing in order to ensure a sound musical and technical foundation at this very important stage of learning. Members of our pastoral care staff look after the children at all times to make sure they are happy and making friends.


Students should bring a short piece they have studied recently. 


The course includes:
• Cello orchestra
• Choir
• Technique & scales sessions in small groups 
• Improvisation workshop
• Ensemble playing
• Masterclass workshop
• Performance opportunities
• Dalcroze
• Video analysis



Junior residential

Junior non-residential

641.00 GBP

466.00 GBP

We also accept payment in EURO and USD. Please contact us for details.

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