We offer a wide selection of courses to cater for all requirements. Below you will find a quick overview.

Please click on the 'discover' links for each 'Course' for more details and prices of specific courses.

The 'grades' next to 'standard required' are those of the ABRSM. If you have not taken a cello exam or are not aware of the ABRSM grading system don't worry - you do not have to have taken or have any knowledge of ABRSM grades to attend Oxford Cello School, they are merely a useful way to gauge which course is the most suitable. If you require assistance just call or email us and we will be able to recommend a course to you.

If you feel you do not fit anywhere into the programs listed below please contact us and we'll find a solution!



Performance Plus: 20/07/22 - 30/07/22

Performance: 23/07/22 - 30/07/22

Standard Required: Post Grade 8

Typical Age Range: 12-21

Total Hours Tuition:

80hrs - Performance Plus

61hrs - Performance



Advanced Plus: 20/07/22 - 30/07/22

Advanced: 23/07/22 - 30/07/22

Standard Required: Grade 6-8+

Typical Age Range: 11-19

Total Hours Tuition:

75hrs - Advanced Plus

58hrs - Advanced



Intermediate Plus: 20/07/22 - 30/07/22

Intermediate: 23/07/22 - 30/07/22

Standard Required: Grade 3-5+

Typical Age Range: 9-15

Total Hours Tuition:

66hrs - Advanced Plus

51hrs - Advanced



20/07/22 - 24/07/22

Standard Required: Beginner - Grade 2+

Typical Age Range: 6-11

Total Hours Tuition: 29hrs


Adult Diploma

16/07/22 - 23/07/22

Standard Required: Post Grade 8

Typical Age Range: 21-85

Total Hours Tuition: 57hrs


Adult Advanced

16/07/22 - 23/07/22

Standard Required: Grade 7 - Post Grade 8

Typical Age Range: 21-85

Total Hours Tuition: 57hrs


Adult Improvers

Improvers Plus: 16/07/22 - 23/07/22

Improvers: 16/07/22 - 20/07/22

Standard Required: Beginner - Grade 6+

Typical Age Range: 21-85

Total Hours Tuition:

52hrs - Improvers Plus

37hrs - Improvers


Exam Booster

25/07/22 - 29/07/22

Standard Required: ABRSM Grades 1-8

Typical Age Range: All Ages

Total Hours Tuition: 20hrs*

* 1/1, very small group


Bass Teaching for

Cello Teachers

21/07/22 - 22/07/22

Standard Required: Cello Teacher

Typical Age Range: 21+

Total Hours Tuition: 13hrs